About CaMu Financial

Dr. Rafeek Mikhail founded CaMu Financial & Insurance Services, Inc. to serve the needs of clients in the areas of real estate planning, insurance, and retirement. Through his ongoing leadership, CaMu Financial seeks to counsel clients while employing a high level of customer service, integrity, and diligence. Before launching CaMu Financial, Dr. Mikhail completed in-depth, professional studies in medicine. He earned his M.D. at Alexandria University in Egypt and entered a postgraduate training fellowship at the University of Southern California, where he studied medicine and nephrology.

Later on, Dr. Mikhail entered the field of financial services, becoming a Retirement Financial Advisor through The Society of Certified Retirement Financial Advisors. After honing his skills in insurance and retirement services, Dr. Rafeek Mikhail relied on his own insights into the industry to create CaMu Financial. In founding the firm, Dr. Rafeek Mikhail sought to design an operation that would offer clients the same kind of dedicated service that he offers to his family members. Dr. Rafeek Mikhail believes that no counselor or financial advisor has the right to lose a client’s retirement income or life’s savings. CaMu Financial strives to ensure that clients will have a dependable, sustained income for as long as they live. In creating CaMu Financial, Dr. Rafeek Mikhail also focused on tax strategies, which greatly impact any large-scale retirement or estate planning project.

Through a variety of financial products, CaMu Financial’s team assists clients in setting away retirement funds using an approach that largely or completely frees the money from income taxes. Dedicated to offering education about financial planning strategies, Dr. Rafeek Mikhail and CaMu Financial organize workshops for seniors who want to learn how to plan for retirement. This value carries into his professional life, and CaMu Financial focuses on teaching clients about the many possibilities that fiscal services can open up while helping them choose which opportunities will best meet their needs.

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